Mobile multiplayer mafia 4X game

Mobile multiplayer mafia 4X game

Play Mafia World on your phone, whether Android or iOS, for free! This new mafia game is one of the best online multiplayer mafia games in the world. Your task is to dominate the underworld by building your own mafia city. Mafia World is an upgrade of the so-loved classic text-based RPG games. It combines these elements with looting, building and real-time PVP battles where strategy is your only way to survive.

To become the real godfather, you are tasked with performing several criminal activities. Prove your gangster skills by committing crimes for legendary loot. Sell this loot for unique rewards that will help to expand your criminal empire! Invest your money to recruit, collect & train new Mafia Bosses. Assign the best Weapons to your loyal gangsters and send them to battle in an intense online multiplayer PVP mode! Join the Mafia now in this 4X game!

Mafia Game Features

Build your own criminal empire

Build your own Mafia Empire and become the most respected and feared mobster in the game. Train your Bosses to make them stronger and store your legendary Weapons in the Weapon Storage!

Research new buildings and decorations to expand your criminal Empire! Grow your own Hemp and own the streets with the best product in town. How much Cash can you generate in this mafia simulator?

Collect Bosses & Weapons

To become the strongest Mafia Boss in the game, you’ll need to collect powerful Bosses and Weapons. Can you collect and upgrade them all?

Start recruiting legendary Bosses and find the most epic Weapons that are available in the game. Train your followers and upgrade your gear to form the most impressive army ever seen in this 4X strategy game!

Multiplayer features

Start or join a clan, chat with other players and compete in epic clan battles in the best online Mafia MMO game available!

Loot storage depots in real-time together with other gangsters and collect exclusive items and resources!

Latest Mafia News

Mafia World now available worldwide! 8mo ago

We have today launched Mafia World worldwide, along with version V2 of the game!

A lot of new and amazing content has been released today in the game. They include: a campaign mode, full-featured casino, quests with online rewards, new Bosses, Boss of the Month, Monthly World Recruit Event, Boss Training Camp, push notifications, game rebalance & more!

It took some time but we hope you’ll enjoy all the new content! Enjoy Mafia World.

Mafia World V2 will be released soon! 8mo ago

It took quite a while, but we're almost ready for the release of Mafia World V2.0. We expect to launch this game version within the first few weeks of May.

The game will come with huge content updates like:
- Full featured casino: Wheel of Fortune, Slot Machine & Casino Shop
- Quests system with hundreds of quests to complete including nice rewards
- Campaign mode full of rewards and new Bosses
- Boss Training Camp: train & obtain Bosses
- Monthly returning Boss Recruit Event
- Push notifications

Just have a tad bit of patience. We're almost there! ;-)

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About Us

From the moment we founded our company, GamoVation, we started with the development of a successful mafia game. Years later, we created the successor to this game and today, millions of players from all over the world continue playing our mafia games.

In an effort to continue our success on mobile as well, we started analyzing current crime and gangster games on iOS and Android. And from our observation, we think that the current offer of games is quite complex and hard to understand. This is what inspired us to apply our knowledge and experience in the mafia theme into a new online strategy game called Mafia World! With the launch of this game, we have made an accessible yet still challenging mafia game.

The game offers enough challenges, depth and fun to keep you entertained for months or even years. By making strategic decisions, you can climb up the mafia ranks and build the biggest and strongest mafia empire ever! Discover it yourself now by downloading the Mafia World App on iOS or Android!