Mobile multiplayer mafia 4X game

Mobile multiplayer mafia 4X game

Latest News

Mafia World V2 will be released soon!

It took a very long time, but we're almost ready for the release of Mafia World V2.0. We expect to launch this game version within the first few weeks of May.

The game will get a very big content update:
- full featured casino: wheel of fortune, slot machine & casino shop
- quests system with hundreds of quests to complete including nice rewards
- campaign mode full of rewards and new bosses
- boss training camp: train & obtain bosses
- monthly returning boss recruit event
- push notifications

Just a little bit more patience, we're almost there! ;-)

Gold machine update & more!

Today, some small improvements have been released in Mafia World once again:

■ Gold machine update: We received a lot of feedback about the Gold Machine. Today, the chance-rates have been rebalanced, and for every 10 spins you’ll receive a chest that always contains gold!

■ Defensive team: From now on you can manually set up a defensive team for PVP. If you don't set up a team, the game will automatically choose your lineup.

■ Lineup improvement: The lineup order during PVP duels is no longer random, but rather based on the way you set it up.

■ Autobattle mode AI has been improved.

■ You can now also purchase buildings when you're currently in your crimes overview.

■ Size of buildings is stated in the buildings shop now.

■ Bugfixes & payment engine stability fixes: Orders will always be processed now without any problems.

More to come soon!

Big content update in Mafia World V1.8

We're getting closer to the best mobile Mafia experience ever! Welcome to Mafia World V1.8.

What's New?

■ Improved interface for more overview and usability

■ VIP system: get a Daily Free Chest and tons of benefits by upgrading your VIP level

■ New buildings: Storehouses to protect your resources

■ New avatars (through VIP system)

■ Builder's Hut: hire multiple builders for faster empire development!

■ New setting: play Mafia World in 30 FPS or 60 FPS

■ Improved matchmaking for PVP

■ Research tree order reorganized

■ Game activity has been removed from the global chat as requested by many players

■ Empire expansion costs have been decreased. Fewer building permits are required now

More updates soon!

Clans are live in Mafia World!

It took a while, but clans are finally live in Mafia World on both iOS and Android! Participate together with other clans in the clan league and open clan chests! More updates coming soon.

Additionally, Mafia World is now available in Romania and France. Enjoy the game!

Update! Mafia Power League & New Bosses

Yet another new game update for Mafia World! V1.6 was released today and here’s everything you need to know:

■ New Bosses & Weapons: You asked, and we delivered! Many people who gave their feedback about the game requested for more Bosses and Weapons. In this update, 30 new Bosses and 30 new Weapons have been added!

■ Weekly Mafia Power League: We’ve introduced a weekly league where you compete against other players to gain as much Mafia Power as possible during a 7-day timeframe. The higher the position, the better the reward in your weekly league chests!

■ Improved rankings: New rankings introduced include avatars, a possibility to view national or global rankings, and the ability to sort on Mafia Power or on Trophies.

Wanna know what’s next? CLANS!
Just give us some time. It’s gonna be fun!