Mobile multiplayer mafia 4X game

Mobile multiplayer mafia 4X game

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Update! Mafia Power League & New Bosses

Yet another new game update for Mafia World! V1.6 was released today and here’s everything you need to know:

■ New Bosses & Weapons: You asked, and we delivered! Many people who gave their feedback about the game requested for more Bosses and Weapons. In this update, 30 new Bosses and 30 new Weapons have been added!

■ Weekly Mafia Power League: We’ve introduced a weekly league where you compete against other players to gain as much Mafia Power as possible during a 7-day timeframe. The higher the position, the better the reward in your weekly league chests!

■ Improved rankings: New rankings introduced include avatars, a possibility to view national or global rankings, and the ability to sort on Mafia Power or on Trophies.

Wanna know what’s next? CLANS!
Just give us some time. It’s gonna be fun!

Mafia World v1.5 arrived: lots of new game content!

As promised, we will be launching a lot of new content every month on Mafia World during this beta stage of the game, to make this the best mobile mafia experience ever.

Today, we’re glad to present Mafia World v1.5, which contains many new features and game content:

■ A Research Lab: With the new currency research points, you can unlock many new features and upgrades for your Mafia Empire and game experience. Some of them will be listed below.

■ Prestige Buildings: Can be unlocked through the Research Lab and produces a certain amount of Research Points on a daily basis.

■ Empire decorations: Can be unlocked through the Research Lab and gains you respect, required to perform some Researches.

■ Friends feature: Invite friends and get rewarded with Gold and items. If your friends reach 100 000 Mafia Power, you get rewarded again!

■ A Library building: Can be unlocked through the Research Lab. Here you can gain Books required to perform some of the Researches. Assign friends to the building in order to gain more Books.

■ A Workshop building: Can be unlocked through the Research Lab. Here you can produce / craft Boosters for PVP with the production materials you’ve found in the game so far. Also, Job chests are rebalanced now and will give you production materials too.

■ Small improvements in the boss / weapon upgrade flow.

■ New stats on player profiles added.

■ Single job rewards are rebalanced.

■ The cost of expanding your Empire has been decreased. Less Building Permits and Cash are required now to purchase extra lots. However, you need to research "Land explorers" first now in order to purchase more lots.

■ Jobs require, on average, less items now to complete. It will therefore be a bit easier to complete your job chest more regularly.

■ Boosters and some buildings can be boosted through the Research Lab.

■ Your Gold Machine can be upgraded through the Research Lab, so it will never give you “1 Gold” anymore as a reward.

■ More booster slots for PVP can be unlocked through the Research Lab.

We would like to also thank you for all the feedback and suggestions! We know most of you really want to have Clans in the game. This will be one of the next big updates on Mafia World.

Provide us feedback!

We're a bit more than a month into beta now with Mafia World, and are happy to see that many players are enjoying the game a lot!

However, we also know that the game is still pretty basic. That is why we're working around the clock to make this the best mobile Mafia game ever made. Tons of features and big updates are coming up in the next couple of months.

In case you have some feedback to share with us on how we can make the gaming experience better for you, it would be great if you filled in the form by tapping the button below.

New update: Multiplayer Depot looting & chat

Today we have updated the game with 2 new multiplayer features.

Depot looting
From now on, different type of Depots will be spawning in different locations in the Crimes map every now and then. Attack them together with other players in order to earn nice rewards!

It’s also possible that you will loot production materials from Military depots. As such, make sure you collect as many as possible because they will be very useful to your Mafia career in one of our future game updates!

Now you can chat with other players from all over the world.

More new game features soon!

Mafia World beta live in the Netherlands and Poland!


Welcome to the first beta version of Mafia World! After 18 months of development, we are glad that we can finally present this first version of the game to you. Mafia World is now officially in beta in the following countries:

- The Netherlands
- Poland

Although the game still doesn’t have some vital features, for example a tutorial, we will soon be adding the following features:
- Clans
- Multiplayer looting
- Chat
- Campaign mode
- More Bosses
- More Weapons
- Casino
- Quests & achievements

Updates guaranteed every month!


Enjoy Mafia World. And if you have any recommendations on how we can improve the game, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Mafia World Team